Dario D’Orazio: Measuring Room Impulse Responses in Noisy Environments

When: Wednesday 10th April 2019 @ 5:10 PM

Where: The Atrium (G.10), Alison House, 12 Nicholson Sq, University of Edinburgh

Title: Measuring Room Impulse Responses in Noisy Environments

Speaker: Dr Dario D’Orazio (Acoustics Research Group, University of Bologna, Italy)


Measurement techniques allow for the identification of acoustic impulse responses (IRs), ideally free of noise due to statistic properties of exciting signals (MLS, ESS, etc..). In ‘real’ cases the measured IRs may be affected by background noises (hums, impulses, speeches…). This lecture will present some practical cases, pointing out the strategies to enhance the measurement of IRs in noisy environments. These techniques concern the hardware setup of the measurement chain and the post-processing extraction of room criteria. Case studies will be exposed briefly, in order to improve measurements according to ISO 3382-1 (large halls), ISO 3382-2 (classrooms), and ISO 3382-3 (open-plan offices).

Speaker Bio

Dario D’Orazio obtained his M.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering and his PhD in Applied Acoustics at the University of Bologna, IT, in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Currently is senior post doctoral fellow at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the same University. His researches involve room acoustics, material properties, classrooms and open-plan offices. He works also as a part-time acoustic consultant for opera houses (Galli Theatre of Rimini, Duse Theatre of Bologna), auditoria (Le Torri dell’acqua), classrooms (Former faculty of Letters and Philosophy at Bologna University), cinemas (Fulgor in Fellini’s house), worship spaces (Varignano Churches in Viareggio).