Welcome to the MusICA Seminars Homepage

Welcome to the homepage of MusICA Seminars at the University of Edinburgh.

Archives of past seminars, including many video recordings, are available on the dedicated Archives page.

MusICA Seminars cover a wide range of current research topics in fields related to the scientific understanding of sound and music. This includes their human perception, use in technical applications, and physical generation.

MusICA Seminars are run by the Acoustics and Audio Group (School of Music).

Seminar Info

The 2022-2023 academic year marks the return of the MusICA Seminars after a hiatus over COVID-19.

This year there will 4-5 seminars over the course of the two Semesters. A full Calendar of past and future events is available here.

There is a Mailing List that provides notice of upcoming seminars. Feel free to subscribe.

Further information can be found by Contacting the co-organisers.